Back. Where I’ve been.

Happy New Year!!!! Sorry I haven't been around for about a month. Hope everyone had fun during the holidays. December was pretty hectic for me. I don't want to go into specific details about everything that went on. Though, my chest issues came back, so I'm doing a lot more resting. I'm learning about what... Continue Reading →

500 Followers! Thank you!

Hey guys! Just wanted to give a quick thank you for 500 followers! Insane! 500!!!! I honestly had no clue that I'd gain this many followers within a year, nor did I understand how big WordPress really was. Guess I'll tell the story of how my blog came to be, though it's pretty simple, haha.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Agoness 

Title: Agoness Author: Cage Dunn & Cisi De Pages: 232 Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Supernatural Amazon Author Blog Goodreads           My Rating: 4 Fireflies. Agoness is a story following a military leader named Landis, who is tasked with protecting a religions daughter, named Agoness. Even with the religion now forbidden... Continue Reading →

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