Why hello there!

*Ahem.* Guess I should introduce myself.

I go by the name iArtichokeu. The name itself just came up randomly one day. It’s meant to be a joke, but not many understand it. It’s alright!

In short, this blog will be based on me reviewing my hobbies, and what I enjoy. The majority of what I will be reviewing will most likely be fantasy based. Whether it’s about a book, an RPG, or something random. I also enjoy gardening, growing succulents, and playing League of Legends. So these will pop up every now and then.

I do not have a specific goal, other than I figured I’d get my creative mind working again, and put it into words.

My reviews may or may not differ from other bloggers. I keep in mind that I should stay away from guidelines, and make my blog a part of me. I mostly plan to do reviews. The whole read for free in exchange for an honest review sounds exciting to me. It’s like a quest, and I’m always down for quests. The RPG side of me loves it! But, I like to change things up. I will get straight to the point, and I will have fun doing it.

Thanks for reading!



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    1. Thank you for visiting! I have not heard of her. Thank you for the recommendation! I’m looking her up on Amazon and it looks like she wrote Earthseed? I’ll look into this!

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  1. I just started blogging about books (I previously had a Whole Brain Teaching Blog). I am pretty excited about my blog… yours looks REALLY nice. I know what you mean about tons of plans… my blog is half blog/ half resource lists. The lists part is really a work in progress. Thanks for dropping by my blog and adding a like! 🙂 I posted a youtube video on my twitter page about the new fantasy book I am reading … you should go check it out! 🙂 @daisydee226

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    1. Hello! Awesome, I will check it out! As for how my blog looks… I am very picky, haha. I’ve spent countless hours on trying to pick a good layout. I have yet to buy premium on WordPress, (the free themes feel so limited) but plan to in the future. Ah, Twitter! I have seen bloggers on here post on it often, so perhaps its time I make one.


      1. You have convinced me to make one. Thanks! Though I will have to think of a name. Hopefully I don’t spend hours on that as well haha.


    1. Wow thank you! My first comment! Woot!!
      I’m excited to be here. Blogging has always been something I wanted to do. Going to stick with it. Already having fun, and have tons of plans haha.

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