Short Story Review: Touch Wood: A Short Story

Title: Touch Wood: A Short Story Author: Chandra Clarke Amazon I felt the need to read a short story. Something I could relate to, but not spend a long amount of time doing so. This short story fit my needs, and wow I'm so glad I read it! I'm a HUGE nature freak. I'm the type of... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Ice Racer (The Ice Racer Trilogy)

Title: The Ice Racer (The Ice Racer Trilogy) Author: Richard Cozicar Amazon I was specifically looking for a book such as this. Stories of characters surviving harsh conditions, thrown in with some adventures.           My rating: 4 Lit Firelies We follow an Ice Racer's adventure who goes by the name of Mike. The... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Coma Imprisonment

Title: Coma Imprisonment: Unravel the Greatest Mystery to Ever Befall Humanity Author: Anthony Kim Where to buy: Amazon A unique read. Honestly, I have never read anything like this. It kept my brain active, that's for sure. It's a medical science fiction / thriller. A good read for those of you who are in the medical... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Colony: A Novella

Title: The Colony: A Novella Author: Craig Anderson Amazon Another random grab from amazon under the sci-fi section. I tend to really enjoy these books written by indie authors. The Colony is a perfect example of that. It has a little bit of amusement, friendship, teamwork, but unfortunately it has it's dark moments. Though, that's unavoidable... Continue Reading →

My rating system.

Usually when something is rated, it's based on stars. I wanted to change it up a bit and rate things with fireflies. So I spent a few days pixeling, creating my own rating system. Everything in the art is made by me. Just something my brain randomly came up with. Also, fireflies get my imagination... Continue Reading →

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