Paperwhite Case Review: TsuiWah Vertical/Horizontal Stand Hand Strap Case

Seller: TsuiWah Black case Brown case Galaxy Sky case Once Prime Day hit, I immediately ordered my Paperwhite. I was so excited for this, I wanted to spoil my Paperwhite. So I ordered my Paperwhite three cases. This company was also doing a Prime day sale of their own. So I couldn't pass up the deal.... Continue Reading →

Take an adventure into my succulent world!

Today I bring you onto my patio, with a small adventure viewing my succulents. I love these guys. With their magical colors and majestic shapes. It's so fairy tale like. Almost not of our world, but they are. I have been growing these specific succulents for around 1-2 years. Succulents are so easy to take... Continue Reading →

Short Story Review: The Arena

Title: The Arena Author: Michael Robertson Amazon   An arena! Fighting, just what I wanted to read about. Though the story is short, will it be able to satisfy my need for battle reading?       My rating: 3 Lit Fireflies This is the first book I have read from Michael Robertson. The Arena wasn't... Continue Reading →

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