Book Review: Learn Basic Malayalam In Six Weeks: With Daily Worksheets & Answer Key


Title: Learn Basic Malayalam In Six Weeks: With Daily Worksheets & Answer Key

Author: John D Kunnathu (Author)

Lissy J Kunnathu (Contributor)


I want to start including language book reviews into my blogs, in hope that it will help people find the correct resources needed to help them learn. There are so many ways to learn a language. Malayalam is one of the 4 languages I study. It’s a tough language to learn, but it is fun. In my opinion, the letters are very beautiful, and so much fun to write. So round and curvy! Haha. പഠിക്കുക! The people are also amazing. Such a kind culture, and a joy to talk to. Malayalam is known for coming from Kerala, India. Kerala is known as God’s Own Country, because it is so beautiful. Seriously, Google Kerala, it’s a dream vacation spot!


My rating: 5 Lit Fireflies

When it comes to learning Malayalam, there aren’t many resources to learn from in English. When I was searching for a book on Amazon, I could hardly find anything. This book however, fit what I needed. It provides tons of information and a worksheet at the end of the chapters, which is a bonus.


There were a few minor text mistakes throughout the book. When it comes to learning a new language, even the minor of mistakes can turn into big ones. These were so minor though, that it didn’t make much of a difference.

Malayalam is a very tough language to learn, let me tell you that. But I found it to be fun. Also, if you are planning to learn the language from just this book alone, do not attempt it. This book serves as a guide. It also states in this book that you should find a native Malayalam speaker to help you pronounce words. What I highly suggest is to look for apps on your phone. HelloTalk was my main source. Having someone teach you via voice is extremely helpful, and needed.

I would also like to include one very important fact while learning this language. You will meet MANY Keralites (Malayalam speakers) wanting to learn English. They have very few people wanting to learn their language and they are always looking for native English speakers to help them with English. I had many Keralites tell me that they have met no one online willing to help them with English. So this is your chance to change that! This book will help you guide your way into Malayalam, and is one of the best starting points.

The authors have recently released a second book called Speak Malayalam in Ten Weeks that I will be reviewing in the future! It is based on lessons built around ten children’s songs. It takes time to get through language books, but I’m very excited to start learning from it.

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  1. Hi iArtichokeu,

    You’re studying four languages? That’s awesome. Which four?

    I took your advice and Googled Kerala. I may have to had Kerala to my bucket list right up there next to the Maldives.

    I’d never heard of that language before. So, I took the time to listen to it on YouTube. Malayalam sounds distinctly Indian or Dravidian to be more precise. Thanks for educating me on Malayalam.


      1. You can get eARCs easily from NetGalley. You get approved for way more than you think so beware! Lol. You might already use NetGalley my brain doesn’t cooperate sometimes. But when authors give me requests I have been telling them I prefer a physical copy and if possible can they sign it! So I have been stacking up a collection. Lol.😂 You rock!😁💛💙❤💚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I haven’t tried Netgalley actually. I fear the rejection haha. Plus I’m reluctant to make a request, since I’m unsure if I’d even sound convincing. I’ve been wanting physical copies! I used to stay away from physical books since I felt as if they would clutter. But sometimes I enjoy the book I review so much, that I want to display it like a trophy, lmao.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You would get approved for so much on NetGalley! All you have to do is make a profile and push the requests on what you want. The rejection is not what you think. Most of the time people are rejected because they have reached the maximum they can give out. They have a read now section which you don’t have to worry about approval but you have more followers and a nice profile than me! 😉 You rock! But seriously you would get approved for most! It’s pretty awesome all the eARCs just don’t over click you will be surprised how much you get approved for even just started out! I got denied maybe 3 out of 20 times. The first go around. You really could do really well if it. You have any questions about it you can ask me I know I was confused in the beginning and had to ask random people if you decide to try it! 😎 I like the trophies too! I found using NetGalley opened me up to more opportunities with authors and publishers. If you do good with a publisher through NetGalley for a little while then you can email the publisher and they will see your good reviews and send you physical ARCs that’s what I did!!!😉

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Wow, thanks so much for the great advice! As well as the compliments! I will for sure take you up on that offer when I need help. I have a feeling I’ll have a few questions haha. It sounds exciting. To be honest, It was a goal of mine to build up to be good enough to get approved on Netgalley. Kind of like a quest, haha. The gamer side of me. I’ll bring sure to start out slow! Physical books would be nice. Some covers on netgalley are so beautiful. Thanks again Dani, you boosted up my review confidence haha. ❤


      5. You are awesome!!!💙💛❤ You got NetGalley no problem. I was trying to do the same thing but then realized people with only 50 followers got approved for big titles. It’s really random sometimes. You don’t even have to add how many followers you have to your profile. And when it says company put the name of your blog that counts as a company!😁

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      6. Really? Oh dang. I had no clue it was like that. Thanks for even more tips! I’m thinking about doing the net galley thing after two author requests. I’ll start out with 2 books that I want to read on there. Do they only do ebooks on there?

        Liked by 1 person

      7. They only do ebooks unfortunately. A lot of authors start noticing when you do a bit of ad eARCs so thats how I Got out There More. But I Guess Its All Different For Everyone. But Its Pretty Darn Easy. You Can Always sign Up Without Creating A Profile And You Can Look How Its Set Up. Its Pretty Easy. Good Luck With the Author Requests! You Dont Need Luck You Got This!🙌🙌🙌 I Guess My Kinfle Felt It Needed To Capitalize Every Word. I Still Havent Figured Out How TO Fix It When It Does This!😕

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