Take an adventure into my succulent world!

Today I bring you onto my patio, with a small adventure viewing my succulents. I love these guys. With their magical colors and majestic shapes. It’s so fairy tale like. Almost not of our world, but they are.


I have been growing these specific succulents for around 1-2 years. Succulents are so easy to take care of, and they often forgive being neglected.


Since I live in California, the weather tends to be hot. Hot weather = watering more than normal,  so I only water these guys 2-3 times a week. This is only during the summer. Early in the year, I hardly water them once a week.


I grow my own veggies, but my location tends to be too hot. Everything dies! It gets up to 105F-110F for days. The only veggies that do well here… are well… squash and pumpkins. I have noticed sweet potatoes are doing alright though. It’s my first year growing those.


Though succulents are battlers during the summer, they wimp out during the winter. All of these go into the house once December hits. California has hot summers and cold winters. If I were to leave everything outside, the water that the leaves store within them would freeze. The whole plant would freeze over, turn black and wither away. It’s not pretty, trust me.


In the future, I will post other pictures of my succulents. I have many more, in many more containers. These are just a few. I’ll also teach you how to propagate, and some tips I have learned.


Each plant pretty much grows its own babies. The picture above is a succulent called Hens and Chicks. In this case, the mother grows the babies from its sides. As they mature, they will look just like her. Imagine a whole area filled with these! After that, I will cut them from their mother and put them elsewhere in the garden. Trust me, it’s not as evil as it sounds. They need to move on into the world, and have their own adventure. They will take some time to adjust in their new location, then will make babies themselves. I call this specific succulent the tank of succulents, because its pretty hardy. It doesn’t break too easy. Unless you step on or punch it. Don’t do that by the way…


This last picture contains mostly sedums. Sedums are gorgeous, but I have found they are pickier than the others. Succulents do NOT like a lot of water. They can get root rot. Since sedums are smaller, the roots aren’t as hardy. Don’t be afraid to buy an assortment of succulents. Also, don’t be discouraged if your succulents die. In the picture above, some species of sedums already died and shriveled up. You can no longer see them. I have either given them TOO much water, or they shrivel up from the heat. I wont be buying those again. But look at the survivors. They’re beautiful! You just need to find the right succulent for you.

This concludes our mini adventure, I hope you enjoyed it. I seriously love seeing a garden of succulents with many colors. I need to buy more!

Are any of you succulent fans? Do you have any succulents? Let me know!


Succulents definitely deserve 5 Lit Fireflies, don’t you say?

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  1. You will find pictures of succulents on my WordPress blog. I am not sure what I put them under. Right now I have two Christmas cacti that I started from cuttings last year. I hope for bloom this year. One is red and the other is white.
    Thanks for the visit to my blog.

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    1. I couldn’t find them, but I love Christmas cacti! They are very unique and the blooms are very beautiful. I’ve never owned any, but I look forward to owning one some day. I love how they look in hanging baskets.

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      1. Wonder if it’s near the amount air plants need. I’ve tried to grow air plants awhile back. They went to live on for months, but one mistake killed them. They’re pretty devastating.


      2. Found it! Guess I should have used the search bar on your site, rather than searching in the Reader, haha. I’m sure the succulents are much bigger now! Growing from cuttings is always fun. By the way, I live in the Mohave desert, so I see Joshua trees often. When I was a kid, I figured they grew all over the world, since it felt common seeing them. It wasnt until later when I found out there are only a few places that they grow. They’re on the decline now sadly. Darn weather.

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      3. You are probably correct in assuming many have never heard of them. We lived on the Movahe (Indian spelling) desert at one time. There is an outstanding stand of them in Nevada. I still treasure my copy of the plants of the desert. The biological science was a favorite of mine.

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      4. I will do a post on the Christmas cacti. It will take me awhile. My studies at least 50 years ago. I am sure there is more information on the internet. Glad you found the succulent post.

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  2. Thank you for this great primer on succulents! We recently purchased a second home in tucson and I really need to be more educated on what will grow there! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out 🙂

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      1. Great deal! Hope your plants do well! If you buy succulents, a tip I can give you since you live in hot weather as well… if the leaves are soft and seem to lack water, it needs to be watered. Usually they drain water from the very bottom leaves and work their way up. But if multiple leaves are drained on the plant, then yeah it needs more water. This usually happens when it’s really hot, or it gets full sun. It recovers well.

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  3. Your succulents are so lovely! I particularly adore your sedum planter, you are so lucky you live in a warm climate where your plants can survive outside- I’ve nearly run out of space for more succulents in my house!

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    1. Thank you! I found that container at the 99c store haha. Any container will do though! Oh yeah that must be tough. They’re out for around half a year. The cold is a killer! Wow, how many do you have?! Haha.


  4. “Almost not of our world, but they are.” YES! That is exactly how they look. Alien plants. I love them for that!

    I have one small fake succulent at my desk because I’m afraid I’ll kill a real one with my black thumb of death. I love your collection and I didn’t know that they multiply!

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    1. Oh wow. You should definitely get a real one! My advice is to get the fattest leaved one you can find. Those are mad easy to take care of. Since they store their water into their leaves, they can go days with no water. Succulents are great plants for those who don’t have much time to water. I think you would be suprised at how easy they are!


    1. Oh! You should give at least one succulent a try. Just remember not to water too much. Only when the soil is pretty dry! Also, look for the ones with really fat leaves. The fatter the better. Those are the easiest to take care of!

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      1. Hahaha! Oh good. I picked up one recently and it seems to be doing pretty well, but the pot they put it in makes it near impossible to see the soil. So I’m just kind of guessing at when I water it. I also have a bamboo plant that I’ve managed to keep alive for a few years, but the air plants. Now, woman, are they hard!!! I’ve killed 3… I think. 😔

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      2. I often have to replant my succulents since they grow well. But it’s super easy, since the roots can be exposed to air for awhile. Ohhh yeah airplants! I had 3 as well. They all died. I can’t keep them alive at all, haha. Succulents are the way to go!

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      3. Hahaha! Oh good! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who kills air plants. I swear I was doing something wrong. :p How do you know when you need to repot a succulent? Like… do the roots need a lot of space? Mine is the tiny pot it came in from the store. :/

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      4. Most succulent species are forgiving when their roots get crowded. You could actually cut the head off the plant and put it over soil. It will root and search for the soil. So naaa, they’re fine in small pots. If the actual flower is too big for the pot though, then it needs more room. This is to prevent the leaves from crowding and deforming. Gotta look pretty right? Haha. Plus some species grow the babies from its sides, so they need space as well. It pretty much depends on the succulent, but don’t be afraid of repotting. It’s so simple!

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      5. 🙂 Thank you for the allow the suggestions! It was flowering when I got it and they already shriveled up and are gone. Now the leaves look like they’re starting to angle more up than out (which I’m guessing means it’s growing. Hahahaha!)

        OH MY GOSH! All the under-leaves are wilting. Is… is this bad?! o.o Too much sunlight? Too much water? *is the worst gardener ever*

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      6. No no its fine! The leaves on the bottom are meant to wilt! Think of it as food for the plant. It stores water in its leaves, and as the plant grows up, the plant drinks up the leaves starting from the bottom. It’s how it survives. It’s so unique. You’re doing fine!

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  5. They are beautiful but I like the most the way you write about them- full of love and care, as if they were your babies, but I guess somehow they are… very touching

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    1. Thanks for the compliment! Oh! Really? Is it because of the cold? Succulents are tricky indoors, I have found. They lose their color and turn green from lack of stress. They also get lengthy, with leaves far apart. From lack of sun. Luckily, I have a lot of windows sills open for them this year!

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    1. Thanks a lot! They don’t take much maintenance at all, really. The only thing I have to really keep an eye on are the mealybugs and caterpillars. Mealy bugs aren’t so threatening, since they’re easy to spot. But caterpillars… enemies! They can do so much damage to a succulent in one night. Went to war with them a couple months back, and haven’t seen them since though!


  6. I’m in Southern Arizona so I have thesame weather as you. It’s always hot here and I could never get anything to grow. Tuesday we are moving to upstate NY right by Lake Ontario!! I can not wait! Next year I will have a kick ass garden! Beautiful pictures by the way! Great job!!

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    1. Thanks a lot! Whoa. Think it gets even hotter where you live. You absolutely should take pictures when the process is done! Having amazing weather for growing plants is something I can only dream of at the moment. Hope the move goes well!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh geez, haha. I know that feeling. Grew up here. I’m used to the heat though. I actually kind of enjoy it when I’m jogging! But yeah, just don’t like it killing my darn veggies!

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