Short Story Review: Paper – A Short Story (Breath Book 1)


Title: Paper – A Short Story (Breath Book 1)

Author: Kell Inkston

Print Length: 21 pages

Genre: Teen & Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy.


I wanted to grab a quick read, something to finish within an hour. Paper’s description seemed interesting, so I decided to have a go.



My Rating: 3 Lit Fireflies 

 Its an enjoyable read, that I found was comical at times. Paper delivered, but pretty certain I will forget it. Its original with its story, but needed more shine on its characters. There was lack of description, leaving me unable to visualize the main characters. Nothing too memorable happens between them. Conversations were alright, though I dreaded Ralic and Tenay’s cheesiness. Its alright to be lovey-dovey, but come on! Haha, we don’t need to hear so many cutesy name callings. I have unanswered questions about side characters that I found were more interesting than the main. Overall, its a book worth putting time into reading. It gives a feeling of watching an episode in a series that you like, but once its over, you move on feeling satisfied with how the story developed and played. Its a tale best read at night.

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