Short Story Review: The Shadow Tribe: The Boy With the Scar (Book 1 – Series Intro)


Title: The Shadow Tribe: The Boy With the Scar (Book 1 – Series Intro)

Author: Jaffrey Clark

Pages: 59

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,



Excited to have found another indie author who can create worlds that I crave to jump right into!




My rating: 4 Lit Fireflies

Joby is a young homeless boy who doesn’t let obstacles stop him from doing what he wants, and needs. In fact, he may as well say he enjoys his life. Unlike others his age, he is skilled living the streets. Not even the adults can accomplish what he is capable of doing, nor fight the way he does. He is skilled with his weapon, and is talented enough to get what he wants. Though, being homeless in a busy city comes with its obvious struggles. Luckily, Joby does not live alone. He has his very trustworthy companion named Scratch. Scratch is a stray dog who roams the streets, living like other strays, but is very fond of Joby.

This book is an introduction to a series of books that will come out later. I’m unsure as to how many. But in my opinion, would have liked to see them mashed into one. I had a blast reading about Joby and Scratch, and really enjoy Jaffrey Clark’s story telling. Adventure, magic, unknown creatures, skilled combat, unique abilities, and pretty much everything else my imagination craves. It was 59 pages of great reading, but left me wishing the book was more lengthy. I looked into book two ‘The Shadow Tribe: The Girl with the Stars’ and see its 30 pages longer, being 89, but would rather see these parts put into one book. I’m assuming book two is an introduction to another character from book one, given its title, but still feel conflicted with purchasing so many parts. I understand it’s a short story, but it feels like I’m getting chapters, rather than books. However, I look forward to reading Jaffrey Clark’s other writings and have added his other book ‘The Reaper’s Seed: The Sword and the Promise’  into my to be read list. Looking forward to that read. Its more lengthy being 268 pages, and is a series with three books already out. When an author is able to feed our imaginations with such entertainment, I often comment on their ability to do so. That does not mean I will always go back to their work though. But Jaffrey Clark is an author I will definitely be going back to. After reading this book, I’m confident enough to know that I’ll be grabbing Jaffrey Clark’s future books right away once he releases them. I am very glad to have found an author who can write exactly what I’m looking for. Just hoping they will be more lengthy in the future!

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  1. The short books are an interesting choice. I can imagine that feeling of “where’s the rest,” but I saw that you reviewed the next. Heading there to see what you thought. It sounds like Clark has captured your imagination. 🙂

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  2. I hope you don’t hate me ..but I’ve never read a Sci-Fi book but strangely enough after reading your review I wondered what I was missing . Now I’m curious. My Rip Van Winkle moment is over . I have a friend-that that’s the only kind of book she’ll read.I’ll tell her about your blog. Therese

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    1. Thank you Therese! I really appreciate it! I guess the Sci-fi side of me stems from gaming as a child. Many genres keep me entertained, but sci-fi usually satisfies my interest in the unknown. I love reading or watching something new. Something my imagination has never imagined before. Hope you consider it some day. It really is an adventure!

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      1. It’s not a hard question at all! Feel free to ask anything you want. There are so many great books out there. One that comes to mind though is Catling’s Bane (The Rose Shield) by D. Wallace Peach. It’s my personal favorite this year. It’ll get your imagination going. It really depends on what theme you’re most into. I like a blend between fantasy and scifi. Other times I crave a space opera, haha.


      2. Even this series, The Shadow Tribe is a great way to start off. I’ve yet to read books 2 and 3, but will be reading them in the future. Part 1 left quite the impression. Theyre now in a set. Put together, it’s like reading a standalone.

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