Short Story review: Maze: A Sci-fi Novella


Title: Maze: A Sci-fi Novella

Author: Tony Bertauski

Pages: 53

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy








My Rating: 2.5 Lit Fireflies

This was a tough read, and this is coming from someone who often plays MMO’s. Maze can either make you rich, or scramble your brain. Your memories are wiped, and you’re thrown into a virtual reality world with the goal of trying to remember who you are. Each stage within the Maze takes you to a different world, and each world turns you into a different race. The story has two stories within, that eventually link.

I really wish I could have been interested in this story, but I just couldn’t. I felt as though I was thrown all over the place, with no solid ground. There was no attachment to characters, and each chapter went by with no lasting impression. Felt like a blur, often leaving me confused. I could only relate to some MMO references. Though, I did enjoy the authors creativity with each level. Making each one unique. The ending was also a nice twist. I do question why this is listed as a children’s eBook on Amazon though. This is not a children’s book.

Looks like this is the prequel to the book Maze: The Waking of Grey Grimm in the Dominican Rising box set. I own the set, but questioned if I’d read the book right away. I’ll probably give it a shot later on. Though, hopefully it’s less confusing!

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