Book Review: The Shadow Tribe: The Girl with the Stars (Part 2)


Title: The Shadow Tribe: The Girl with the Stars (Part 2)

Author: Jaffrey Clark

Pages: 89

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy





5starMy rating: 4.5 Lit Fireflies

Pretty much the majority of what I assumed from part one about part two turned out to be incorrect. The second book pleasantly shocked me. Part one was an introduction into Joby’s life, while the second gets the story rolling. I was questioning if I should read the rest of the series after the first part, wondering if I would purchase and wait for future installments. But after reading the second book, I’m pretty much sold. We learn more about not only Joby, but other characters as well. There’s an introduction to a couple new people, one of which is likely to turn into a new favorite.

The authors character interactions flow well into the development of the story.  Something about Joby’s accent makes his conversations hilarious. I guess its awkward speaking to others when it’s not only Scratch. One thing that I enjoyed very much, to the point that I’m excited, is that the author spot on hits everything I personally look for in a fantasy world. Only a few authors do this for me. This book obtains so many great visualizations throughout its chapters. Beyond the city is a fantasy world with tons of potential, and we get a taste of it. I love immediate descriptions and all, but when an author keeps you wondering, “Whats beyond that?”, then fulfills its excitement, followed by another, and another, it’s a keeper.

Part two left things off in a bit of a mystery, but will leave you wanting more. In my opinion, the second part left off in a position that part one did not. If the two were combined, leaving people to learn more about Joby’s world, rather than just the way he lives, I believe readers would strive for more. I can’t help but read the rest of the series after this read though. Looking forward to reading the rest.

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    1. He made a blog post recently explaining why he made them in parts. So I can understand where he is coming from. A bundle would be more appealing once the series is finished. I plan on sticking around till the end. Books 1-3 is about the length of a full book, and the price is similar, haha.

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      1. I wondered if it was a marketing decision. I’ve heard a lot recently too about a trend toward shorter books and novellas – less of commitment for readers on the go. It makes sense, though I still love big thick tomes that can immerse me for a solid month! I come back to the real world and feel disoriented. 😀

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