ARC Book Review: Zephyra: Book 1 of The Elemental Diaries


Title: Zephyra: Book 1 of The Elemental Diaries

Author: Andrea B Lamoureux

Pages: 274 pages

Genre: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction.






4starMy Rating: 4 Lit Fireflies

This is a debut novel written by Andrea B. Lamoureux. Numerous amount of unexpected events happen within these pages. I’m not used to reading about royalty, nor was I particularly interested in how they live, so this was a first. After reading this book though, I feel comfortable enough to start reading more. There is a bit of romance, and magical elements that keep you interested. Zephyra’s way of life took some getting used to, but I was surprisingly interested in it. Though a good amount of time is held within the Palace, Zephyra eventually starts to explore other areas. I was conflicted between this being a good thing, or bad. Beyond the walls of her home of the Palace comes an adventure she’s always wondered about, and wanted. Or is it?

Reality; being as cruel as it can become, begins to show. There are some dark moments, which honestly shocked me. After reading so many lighthearted moments taking place within the Palace, it hits you quick and fast. In the beginning, I felt as though this book was a YA read half way through, until Zephrya explored beyond the walls. Beyond that, I’d give warning to young readers that things get a bit dark. That is outweighed by the large amount of good times Zephyra has though. Various characters in this story bring in some ironic moments, that I found myself laughing at.

I can say that Andrea B. Lamoureux current work is a blend of many genres, and can get away with it. She sets up situations that are realistic, believable in a way that you can put yourself in Zephyra’s shoes. Zephyra is a relatable character, having weaknesses and strengths many can share. I did enjoy this read, despite its sense of insecurity, never knowing what dark moments may come. Andrea B. Lamoureux seems to be a writer who is confident in her story telling. I find her sense of courageous writing to be interesting. I will be looking forward to reading book two, and what it has to offer. Book one of The Elemental Diaries will leaving you with a sense that the story is only just beginning.

I love reviewing books, and do it as a hobby. I received this Advance Reading Copy for an honest opinion and review.

18 thoughts on “ARC Book Review: Zephyra: Book 1 of The Elemental Diaries

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    1. Not a problem! I’m definitely looking forward to the second book. I’m very curious as to what’s happening with the characters already introduced, and who owns the other elements. Very intrigued!

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  1. Interesting review! You tiptoed all over the place, Rob, and now I’m intrigued! I like fantasy and magic and realistic/believable characters are important to me, which it sounds like this book has. Hope you’re feeling better, and I agree with Dani, your artwork is really fun. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Diana! I’m doing a bit better now. Seeing the Doc on Tuesday. Books really do help me keep my mind off that kind of stuff. I enjoyed the characters In this book! The author also has a sense of humour with her side characters. Particularly one random character towards the end, was very trollish like. His demise was pretty hilarious.

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