ARC Book Review: This Body Won’t Break: Part 3 (The O-Negative Series)

51od7zy4E-LTitle: This Body Won’t Break: Part 3 (The O-Negative Series)

Author: Lea McKee

Pages: 129

Genre: Teen & Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy


Here we are with part three!




4starMy Rating: 4 Lit Fireflies

After finishing part three of this series I can say I was both surprised and conflicted. There were some what the heck moments, though pieces of the puzzle come together, and mostly everything starts to make sense.

There was a bit more romance than the previous installments, that will satisfy those romance needs. Joanna’s personality seems to have matured towards the end, most likely from all the trauma shes had to deal with from everything thus far. She is a bit dramatic when it comes to Ethan though. While reading, I’d often feel as though Joanna has more important things to worry about other than her freakin’ love life, and what happened in the past. You know, like saving a bunch of teens from being harvested. I imagine Joanna will be less dramatic and not so annoying after this parts ending and more motivated in future installments. Hopefully.

Part three shines and stands out from the others mainly because the story evolves in such a way that it can extend the series and change it completely. The fantasy aspects of the story begin to show. I had originally assumed that part three would be ending the series but it looks like the series will be extended into even more parts, under a different title called This Fury won’t Fade. Not particularly a fan of parts, but will continue reading the series anyways. I am enjoying the read. I’m interested in where the series will go and when it will end. At this point I cannot predict the outcome but I’m assured the author will leave a satisfied ending.

I requested to read this eARC, and this review is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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  1. Excellent review, Rob. I was interested in your comment about priorities. That tends to throw me off too – in television or in books – when the characters seem to forget that they are in mortal danger and take the time to reflect on life and kiss. I’m usually yelling, “Run, Run!” Ha ha. Thanks for the honest review. 😀

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    1. Hahaha, so true! I’ve been seeing this a lot lately, surprisingly. To be honest, it’s a good example as to why I kick out romance genre. I end up arguing with the book and myself! Thanks for the compliment Diana!

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    1. Thanks! Lol! Yeah, it’s funny how I thought the same thing except the other way around! Very similar. But I guess the design is pretty simplistic, so I wouldn’t doubt there are some past ones that look similar as well.

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      1. Ahaha, yeah that would be intetesting. This series actually had a cover before this one, that in my opinion was more interesting. I assume this one is more of an eye catcher though.

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