Book Review: The Shadow Tribe: Book 1 (Parts 1-3)


Title: The Shadow Tribe: Book 1 (Parts 1-3)

Author: Jaffrey Clark

Pages: 237

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy


Book one has parts 1-3 combined. This was greatly needed, and feels more natural as a whole book, rather than being in parts.





5starMy Rating: 5 Lit Fireflies

Definitely a book fantasy lovers will enjoy. If you’re looking to enter a world of mysterious magic, this is a read for you. I’m pretty excited for the rest of the series.

While the beginning focuses mainly on Joby and Scratch’s daily routines, as the story progresses, you will be introduced to other characters with similar situations. It will show the power of friendship and teamwork. Baddies appear, spirits and faeries are talked about and seen, magic develops, friendships are made, unique weapons are used, yep you’ll have tons to imagine and try to solve. Book one pretty much sets up the story for the rest of the series in The Shadow Tribe. This group of youngsters will have plenty more to do in the future.

Bits of unique magic will show up as the story progresses. I was also fascinated by the surroundings in this world. Both the environment, and the living beyond where Joby calls home, will get your imagination working. Creatures distant from the city, seem to be a rare occurrence. Other than the everyday stray dogs, creatures in this world seem to have sort of a magical element to them, giving that fantasy satisfaction. I was hoping for more occurrences with these creatures, but I assume they will show up more in the future.

Something I’d like to point out about Jaffrey Clark’s story telling is he has the ability to give life to his world with such a high level of imagery. Every bit of detail that was fed into my mind was clear. Characters are easy to picture and relate to. Environments are easy to understand and imagine. Scratch is a good example of how much thought goes into Jaffrey’s characters, and he is just a dog! Ah, sorry Scratch, you’re not just a dog. You’re a great contribution to the group… being cute and comical is enough. Anyways, instead of just throwing the words pet dog into the story, he gave life to him, and created descriptions throughout the story dog lovers will recognize and laugh about. Jaffrey Clark’s characters each come to life with such detail, whether they are friends of foes. I was drawn into this story, unable to put it down. The start of this series has been pretty heart warming and tends to give a safe feeling. Not sure if that will change, but I am enjoying the flow thus far. Looking forward to book two.

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  1. This is the second time I’ve popped over here after seeing a glowing review on Michelle’s blog, only to find more glowing praise for it over here! You two make a rather dynamic reviewing duo, you know. Gotta TBR this one as well. It sounds much too interesting to pass up.

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  2. Excellent review, Rob. I love the way you describe the characters and the magic and the heartwarming nature of the relationships. This sounds different from the usual fantasy reads in my kindle. And interesting point about the author combining the parts. It seems that was a wise choice. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Diana! Yeah, a very wise choice. Based on reviews, people tend to want longer reads. Of course there are those who rate a book based on length alone. Which I don’t understand. It’s a pretty comfortable read! Thanks for dropping by!

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      1. Yep! Actually, I remember considering stopping at part one, even if the story was intriguing. I didn’t want to purchase so many parts, because they felt like short teases. Glad I continued on with part two though, because it got me hooked. The book as a whole will no doubt get good reviews.

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