500 Followers! Thank you!

Hey guys! Just wanted to give a quick thank you for 500 followers! Insane! 500!!!! I honestly had no clue that I'd gain this many followers within a year, nor did I understand how big WordPress really was. Guess I'll tell the story of how my blog came to be, though it's pretty simple, haha.... Continue Reading →

Study Quest! The best Language Learning game app I’ve ever found!

When learning a new language, I need need help every once and while getting focused and entertained. I don't have that problem when I'm gaming. But I found something that fixed that problem! Study Quest! Perfect for those of us who are addicted to games, but want to learn. This is also one of the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Agoness 

Title: Agoness Author: Cage Dunn & Cisi De Pages: 232 Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Supernatural Amazon Author Blog Goodreads           My Rating: 4 Fireflies. Agoness is a story following a military leader named Landis, who is tasked with protecting a religions daughter, named Agoness. Even with the religion now forbidden... Continue Reading →

Short Story review: Maze: A Sci-fi Novella

Title: Maze: A Sci-fi Novella Author: Tony Bertauski Pages: 53 Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy Amazon           My Rating: 2.5 Lit Fireflies This was a tough read, and this is coming from someone who often plays MMO's. Maze can either make you rich, or scramble your brain. Your memories are wiped, and you're thrown... Continue Reading →

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