Short Story review: Maze: A Sci-fi Novella

Title: Maze: A Sci-fi Novella Author: Tony Bertauski Pages: 53 Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy Amazon           My Rating: 2.5 Lit Fireflies This was a tough read, and this is coming from someone who often plays MMO's. Maze can either make you rich, or scramble your brain. Your memories are wiped, and you're thrown... Continue Reading →

Short Story Review: The Shadow Tribe: The Boy With the Scar (Book 1 – Series Intro)

Title: The Shadow Tribe: The Boy With the Scar (Book 1 - Series Intro) Author: Jaffrey Clark Pages: 59 Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Amazon   Excited to have found another indie author who can create worlds that I crave to jump right into!     My rating: 4 Lit Fireflies Joby is a young homeless... Continue Reading →

Short Story Review: The Arena

Title: The Arena Author: Michael Robertson Amazon   An arena! Fighting, just what I wanted to read about. Though the story is short, will it be able to satisfy my need for battle reading?       My rating: 3 Lit Fireflies This is the first book I have read from Michael Robertson. The Arena wasn't... Continue Reading →

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