ARC Book Review: This Body Won’t Break: Part 2 (The O-Negative Series)

Title: This Body Won't Break: Part 2 (The O-Negative Series) Author: Lea McKee Pages: 119 Genre: Teen & Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy Amazon Part two of this series! I really do enjoy this series, but as time goes on, I start feeling as though all these parts would have been better put in one book.  ... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Ghosts in the Graveyard: The Adventures of Fawkes Malone Book 1

Title: Ghosts in the Graveyard: The Adventures of Fawkes Malone Book 1 Author: Jehoshapaht Shalom Genre: Children's Book, Action & Adventure, Mysteries & Detectives Amazon Print Length: 211 pages Age Level: 10 - 16 Grade Level: 6 - 10 Saw that this book was yet to be rated on Amazon, so I decided to give it a go.... Continue Reading →

Short Story Review: The Arena

Title: The Arena Author: Michael Robertson Amazon   An arena! Fighting, just what I wanted to read about. Though the story is short, will it be able to satisfy my need for battle reading?       My rating: 3 Lit Fireflies This is the first book I have read from Michael Robertson. The Arena wasn't... Continue Reading →

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