Review Policy

First and foremost, I love reading books by Indie authors. I appreciate the work and dedication authors put into their worlds.


Currently, I am accepting requests/ARC requests in the following genres:

  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Children’s
  • Comic’s
  • RPGGameLit (RPG video game literature.)

What I will absolutely not read:

  • Horror
  • Romance (with the exception of it being in a Scifi or Fantasy book.)

Currently reading

Current ARC requests: 0

Current Book Review requests: 8

Requests Authors put on hold: 1 (revisions, haven’t sent books, etc.)

Regarding ARC’s: I post my reviews on release day, unless I’m given the ARC a bit late. I always make ARC’s a priority to be read, before already published books. So requests may be pushed back because of a requested ARC. I set my requests in order though, so I get to my requests fairly quickly. Unless I’m bombarded with ARC requests, which has never been the case.

Regarding Reviews: I do my review requests in order by when they were requested and when the book is sent. Gotta keep it fair!

Please do understand that my reviews may take awhile, unless it’s an ARC. I can not really give a time length, so please do not expect one. I will get around to reviewing it when I can. Life can be busy at times. Though this is often the case for everyone, haha.

Preferred formats:

  • Printed (I always appreciate when an author offers a printed copy. They go out of their way just to send it to me, knowing it’s easier to just send an eBook. They’re kind of like trophies to me, lol. I tend to even take fancy pictures of it to be shown in my blog review.)
  • MOBI (I love my Paperwhite. I prefer this eFormat above all other eFormats. Would also allow me to read the book faster, since I can read it outdoors with no glare!)
  • EPUB (A format I’m able to use on my kindle, and can change the font and font size. Still makes it enjoyable to read.)
  • PDF (My least preferred. It’s in the form of pictures. Hard to read on tablets, causing me to have to zoom in and out. My eyes!!!! If possible, please try to at least get EPUB.)

Please do read this:

I post my reviews on my blog, and Goodreads. I will tell my followers that I recieved a copy of the book from the author. Also, I voluntarily post on Amazon. I will not guarantee to post a review on Amazon. They have strict, confusing guidelines, that I try to keep up with. Also, they only allow 3 unverified reviews per week. (?) I review as a hobby, and want to keep reviewing for you Indie authors out there. Hopefully my blog and Goodreads will be enough. I set a goal to review indie books, because tons of you have amazing imaginations out there and I very much enjoy your worlds.

I do not accept, nor will I ever accept any sort of payments in exchange for a review. I will post an honest review, and I keep in mind that authors want my honest feedback, and readers want my honest opinion.

Please do not subscribe me to your newsletter list. I’ve had this happen and find it extremely annoying and lazy. I have a separate email for things like that. The email I’m providing on here is strictly for author contacting. I don’t want to be spammed with a newsletter. For the people that do this, understand that you are potentially drowning out other indie authors who are looking for requests as well.

I will email you errors I find in your book with Loc #’s. I always find them. Authors usually appreciate this, and I’m happy to help, as long as it’s not an obsessive amount of errors. I don’t include spelling mistakes and such in my reviews, since I don’t expect indie authors to pay tons to editors. If however, you have a printed book and don’t want to know of any errors, please do tell me so!

I would be EXTREMELY happy if you would:

If you send a review request and understand my policy, please do say so. Something such as “I have read your submission guidelines.” I would really appreciate it. I would hate for an author to expect an Amazon review, only so see that they didn’t get one. Thank you.


(This section doesn’t need to be read by Authors, but for product requests. Saving you time.)


Please DO NOT send me any money offers/coupons in exchange for a review. I will not be bribed by any sort of payment. I’ve had a few people ask of this. Asking me to buy an Amazon product, to review with a Verified Purchase tag, then say I’ll be given some kind of compensation, is not acceptable by Amazon. This is shady, and is not allowed. I will never take these offers.

I do product reviews rarely, and it will have to be something I’d think my subscribers would be interested in. I would never spam them with posts about random items. But it doesn’t hurt send me an email. Just keep in mind, that it will be stated that I received it in exchange for a review, and will be posted on my blog only. Having the love to review from small time indie authors/companies is what I’m all about :P.

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